Complete Packaging

Complete Packaging provides you with the comfort in knowing that the development, sourcing, and supply of all aspects of your package are handled – nothing without your direction and approval.

Each part of your package will be resourced from our quality approved, inspected and socially audited factories. They are then engineered to ensure all parts fit properly and work together. This allows you to incorporate the QRS team into your existing packaging team or partner with you as your complete packaging team. We will handle the goriest of details, allowing you to handle other projects or focus on the marketing, sales and distribution of your products.

Complete Packaging

At a Glance

By making use of creative colorization or decorations, or even different materials, a stock package will be customized to your vision, creating a special look to your completed product.

With affordable custom tooling, and the necessary package engineering, your formulation and your package will meet your aesthetic vision and be fully compatible.

As the package and product is developed concurrently by QRS, we ensure that every part of the package works together and then finally the completed package must work with the product.

Turnkey means that we handle all the gory details of the completed product and the associated risk along the way. When a shortened timeline is needed, we at QRS, will detail the risk exposure along the way.

A necessary part of turnkey is the creation of a critical path timeline with milestones that must be achieved along the way. Following the timeline allows for issues to be addressed in a timely fashion, minimizing the effect on the end result. Communication is key throughout the process.

Communication is key. At QRS, we collaborate with your design team ensuring that what is designed can actually be produced within your cost guidelines. Resourcing is with audited and approved factories. Each package and associated product is engineered to work. Quality is tested, packaging is secured and the finished product is manufactured and shipped to your chosen destination. Throughout the process, the timeline is carefully followed, milestone by milestone.

At QRS, we believe sustainable options should be part of every discussion as we guide you through the development of your product lines. We offer products made from post-consumer resins (PCR) in various percentages, FSC certified items, other reusable and biodegradable packaging, natural ingredients, and  newer options as they are tested and become available. Our responsibility is to provide you factual information as we partner with you to create a functional, aesthetic and sustainable package. We will always highlight potential issues along with solutions.

Our Proven Process

Whether working with your designer or product development team, collaboration is key to a successful project. Understanding the risks associated with chosen designs, products or the combination is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We become your partner and join your team.
Resourcing and Development
All of our factories are carefully audited. This includes a physical inspection, typically by our outside agency, to ensure proper quality control is in place. As well, a social audit is conducted before we approve a factory. During the resourcing and development process, components are engineered, prints are created, models are made and everything is presented to you for approval. We will guide you through the process.
Timeline Management
Before the first orders are placed, a timeline is created and share with you, our customer. Each milestone is assigned and, once approved, it is managed internally at a weekly meeting. Status reports are issued bi-weekly at a minimum. Communication of the timeline and the status of each milestone is critical to success!
As your project progresses, the time will come for the packaging (and if you choose to buy Turnkey, the products) to be manufactured. By this time you will have approved all packages and products enabling us to manufacture to your approved standards. Packaging will be approved for quality before it ships to the manufacturer. For Turnkey, our manufacturers will always do periodic checks throughout the production run. This final step before shipment must be done efficiently, always with quality as a priority.

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